NSW Unit Entitlement Valuations
New Strata Plans & Reallocations


The purpose of this advice is to draw attention to the new strata legislation and relevant case law. It is to provide to our valued clients some guidance in the preparation of reports for unit entitlement allocations that are required for new strata plan registrations, and for reallocations of existing unit entitlements.

A major amendment to the legislation was that all unit entitlement schedules be carried out by a “qualified Valuer” as defined in the Strata Scheme Development Act 2015.

Unit Entitlement Valuations – New Strata Plan includes guidance and direction on:-

  • New NSW Strata Legislation – from 30th November 2016
  • The Legislation
  • Qualified Valuer
  • Case Law
  • Inspection Requirements
  • Impact for Property Practitioners

Eishold Property can assist in any Unit Entitlement Valuations and we would welcome further discussion on the process.

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